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    As a specializing manufacturer, Jinan Gongchuang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the scientific research, production and trade of pharmaceutical raw materials and Pharmaceutical Intermediates. Relying on the business philosophy of "technology first, quality first" and closely following the development direction of world's pharmaceuticals, we constantly develop the dominant varieties in order to meet market demand.
    Our company founds a R&D and sales center in Jinan city and a large modern raw material production plant in Dongying city of Shandong Province. Covering an area of 200mu (one mu=667sqm), this plant has the good abilities to meet the production of different raw materials and intermediates due to advanced reaction kettles from 500L to 5,000L, six raw material and intermediate production lines, as well as large-scale distillation apparatus. At present, our products are well sold in the United States, Germany, Japan, Russia, Brazil, India and other dozens of countries, and Gongchuang Pharmaceutical also wins the trusts and supports of many cooperative customers for quality, efficient and good products and excellent after-sales services.
    "Credibility, commitment, quality" is our constant pursuit; Gongchuang Pharmaceutical is willing to be the sincerest partner of you.

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